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We have answers for:
  • Todays youth problems
  • Marriage and family problems
  • The inner city school problems
  • People falsely accused of child abuse
  • Children and adults who need to discharge anger, successfully and safely
  • Parents of difficult children
  • People who are experiencing an awakening Kundalini energy
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New Articles:

The Self-esteem movement fosters criminal behavior!
The self-esteem movement protects cheating college students, thus promoting and fostering antisocial (criminal) behavior.
By Bob and Elaine Lehman

Heroin and kids
(There is a quiet heroin epidemic going on that most people know nothing about.)
Bob and Elaine Lehman

The so-called "self-esteem" movement is a fraud!

(Quotes from James Q. Wilson, professor of management and public policy at the University of California at Los Angeles.)

My beliefs

This article is a clear, simple explanation of Elaine Lehman's metaphysical spiritual beliefs.   Bob Lehman and their daughter, Susan Lehman, also believe this way.  Each of the three arrived at their beliefs from their own individual mystical experiences.
With Elaine Lehman
  A solution for sexual predators Castration or life in prison! Bob and Elaine Lehman
(Name withheld from response that follows)
lighthouse.gif (14444 bytes) BE ANSWERS
is not connected with any religion or political party.
We believe that education will solve most of society's problems.

The Kundalini/metaphysical categories on the Lehmans' website are
not connected with any of the rest of the categories.

While there are articles and comments in almost all of the categories
that are aimed at metaphysical people, they are clearly marked as such.

FYI:  Metaphysics is not a religion
In brief, metaphysics is the study of the interrelated energies
of  man and of God.

Metaphysical people are usually profoundly spiritual.  Most
metaphysical people believe that the Living God is the "stuff"
of the Universe, but do not necessarily belong to any religion.

All religions are, in fact, based on metaphysical concepts and beliefs.

Professional friends of the Lehmans who are involved
with antisocial children, etc., are not connected in any way with the Kundalini/metaphysical categories on this website.
As far as the Lehmans know, their professional friends are not into metaphysics.

In reverse, the Lehmans' friends who are involved
with the Kundalini/metaphysical categories, are not connected in any way with the categories about antisocial children, etc.

The Lehman are uniquely qualified by their own
unusual life experiences
to offer help to people who are involved in any one of the categories on this website.

The Lehmans' autobiography, "BIG K, THE
KUNDALINI STORY," brings the categories together,
by telling Elaine's remarkable experiences with the powerful, little-known Kundalini energy, and the story of how the couple helped Bob's antisocial
son, Mike, straighten out.


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Elaine Lehman  
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Elaine is a former teacher from Baltimore, Maryland.  She has approximately 19 years of teaching experience with all ages of children and  adults.   She directed a large pre-school, taught elementary school, and developed and taught the courses of study at the couple's two schools, the BE CENTERS for antisocial teens.

Elaine has also developed and taught a course of study in advanced metaphysics for adults.

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Bob Lehman      
Bob.JPG (6033 bytes) Bob was one of the pioneers of the space program.  He worked for the Rocketdyne Division of Rockwell, International, at Cape Canaveral, for twenty-one years, as lead engineer for the engines of the Thor/Delta programs.  He may have a world's record of 184 consecutive, successful launches of the engines.  Bob was also responsible for the engines of Pioneer 10, the first satellite to leave the solar system.  Bob left the Cape when he and Elaine helped his son straighten out, in order to start their two schools for antisocial teens.  After the two schools closed, Bob worked for several years as an airplane mechanic.

We have walked the walk, and now we are talking the talk!

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